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Latest Product News & Videos

DV Applications in Bioreactors

Clippard - Functional Simplicity Whether you have been in a grocery store or hardware store…. Actually, no matter where you go, pretty much everything is more expensive. As quick as the economy dropped in 2020 with the pandemic, it is now trying to rebound faster than a normal recession. This is going to cause us all some growing pains.

Video: How a Leak Decay Tester Works

How does a basic leak decay tester work? Mike Kettering explains and shows a simple circuit.

Analytical Series Valves

Mike Kettering provides a great overview of Clippard's analytical series electronic valves in this quick, two minute product view

Airwork - Corporate Video

Video trailer of Airwork, an Italian company specialized in the production and sales of systems for industrial automation as pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic actuators, valves and electrovalves, fittings and air treatment systems.


Within the ATEX range we show the cylinders and valves that can be supplied with this certification. ATEX derives from the words ATmosphères and EXplosives, and is the conventional name that groups the directives of the European Union to regulate equipment intended for use in areas at risk of explosion, in particular 2014/34 / EU which is aimed at manufacturers of equipment intended for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

ACE Tips !

Correct mounting of a gas spring

Acrylic Subplates Improve Efficiency

Utilizing Clippard’s unique manufacturing process, these clear acrylic units provide sealed internal passageways between valves without the need for gaskets, clamps or piping.

EV Mouse Valves

Clippard - Functional Simplicity The design of Clippard electronic valves is a deceptively simple arrangement with a minimum of operating parts, and remarkably straight forward low power operation.


The new industrial gas spring with crimp design.


Airwork offers a wide range of products entirely made in stainless steel (AISI 304 and 316).These components can be installed in several fields. Most commons are: food & beverage, pharmaceutical, marine/naval or in particular applications with the presence of chemicals and corrosive agents.


Metal FRL units realized by Airwork have been designed to offer an higher quality, thanks to materials and technology used. Moreover, every single unit is 100% tested before the delivery. This metal series, with a piston functioning system, is equipped with filters and filtration cartridges in 20 micron syntered bronze.

WC Branham Gearboxes, Right Angle

W. C. Branham was industry first - with right angle hollow bore helical gearboxes that package an all ball bearing configuration in a leak-proof, sealed gearcase and pre-lubricated design.